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Our Neighborhood School

A learning community where children, educators, families and neighbors grow together.

Our Story 

Our Neighborhood School has come to be through many years of envisioning a preschool where relationship, reflection and joy are at the forefront. After working together in a social constructivist preschool in West LA for many years, we began feeling compelled to return to our own neighborhood. As we dreamt about what the school might be, we were also navigating graduate school and learning about our role and responsibility as advocates in this field. We realized that the preschool was only part of the vision for Our Neighborhood School’s learning community. ONS is an organization working to support and advocate for the field of early childhood education through childcare (coming soon), education for educators, and consulting for established childcare programs. Our biggest hope is that we can help share the immense joy, meaning and learning we have found through reflective, relationship based teaching, and to be part of the charge that Orange County is leading to change child care in our region.

Zenna Jandali

Pedagogical Director


M.A. Innovative ECE

Ashley Spencer

Executive Director


M.A. Innovative ECE

Our Services

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